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Air filter cartridge selection


The Filter Material of the Air Filter cartridge should be a three-dimensional structural felt made of spunbonded polyester fine and long fibers or short fibers through layered complexing and high temperature rolling. It can also be used as a conventional needle felt with stiffening treatment. Laminating. The cleaning method should be pulse blowing.

There are many varieties and specifications of filter cartridges, which are thick, short and thin and long. Compared with the same size filter bag area, the short and coarse filter cartridge is 14 to 35 times larger, and the elongated filter cartridge is 2 to 5 times larger. Therefore, the cost and floor space of the precipitator are greatly reduced, which is a prominent advantage of the pleated filter cartridge. However, its outstanding shortcomings are also caused by pleats. The number of pleats of the filter cartridge is too large, the distance between the pleats and the pleats is too small, and the dust accumulated in the pleats is difficult to remove. Many of the filter areas are blocked and lose gas permeability. Will cause the filter to fail.
According to the data, the slender filter cartridge with the number of pleats less than 45 and the filter area is 2~5 times larger than the filter bag of the same size is easy to clean and has good effect. It is suitable for dust removal with dust concentration not more than 15g/Nm2. However, many engineering practices have shown that the filter cartridges used for industrial waste gas removal still have too many pleats and difficulty in cleaning. Only the filter area of 2-3 times of the filter area of the same size filter bag can effectively meet the requirements of industrial waste gas dust removal. When selected, the filtration wind speed should be determined to be 0.6-1.2 m/nmin.
Filtering features
(1) The stacking filter can significantly reduce the volume of the dust collector, and is suitable for dust removal of mobile pollution sources and retrofitting of dust collectors.
(2) The structure of the filter cartridge is similar to the rigid body, no frame support is required, and the deformation is minimal when filtering and cleaning, which is beneficial to prolong the service life.
(3) It can be oil-proof, waterproof and static-eliminating, so that the filter has the corresponding special functions.
(4) According to the filter material and adhesive, the working temperature of the filter cartridge is ≤130°C and ≤190°C respectively.
(5) The filtration efficiency is generally 99.95%, and the membrane filtration is as simple as 99.99%.

(6) The pleated seam of the filter is easy to accumulate dust, and it is difficult to clean the dust, and is not suitable for high dust concentration and viscosity, fine dust.

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